Creator with a passion for beauty, an eye for detail and a heart for people. 


I am Mohanad Ataya and I love to put my energy into creating unique images, design and music. For over 25 years I've been a music professional (Ud & Guitar) and photographer. My work is original and without limits. I’m always looking for new ways to create and to understand what is exactly needed. 

I’m based in The Netherlands, Nijmegen. Originally from Palestine, I lived in Damascus, Syria. For years I owned my own successful photo studio there (Studio Art ) and after that in Beirut (Studio Art 2), specialized in artist photography. 

Now I found a new and safe home in The Netherlands. I’m grateful to be here, and to be able to share my passions with others, in Studio Art 3 in Nijmegen. 

Feel free to contact me anytime. I have a good ear and eye to understand what you really need. Happy to create your dream together with an open mind and relaxed attitude.