Info & prices

Hourly rate excl. VAT 65,- euro  

Portrait photoshoot indoor/outdoor

  • Using Canon 5d Mark IV  & Eos R
  • profile pictures, passport, personal portrait, family pictures, artist, band etc.
  • 10 digital pictures - 250 euro ( incl. after-effects and high resolution) - 1 person
  • studio shoot  or on location by choice

Photoshoot projects: 

  • standard price 125 euro per hour 
  • reportage about events, meetings, gatherings, weddings, performances, celebrations etc. 

Product photography: 

  • food, webstore products, fashion
  • Price depending on wishes and requirements.

Artist support: 

  • Professional press kit 
  • Artist picture, video, recording 
  • Able to add my playing to your music to give your music some special sauce 


  • Registration events, projects, video
  • Option of using Crane 3 lab gimble
  • Price depending on wishes and requirements.

Music recording: 

  • Professional Rode music recording and editing
  • Price depending on wishes and requirements.


  • Ud or Guitar concerts for festivals, private concerts or events
  • Able to improvise in any event, with any music or musicians - I adapt to whatever atmosphere is needed 
  • Price depending on wishes and requirements.

Courses and teaching: (Private)

  • Light design - Using professional flashlight in studio - 3 lessons (250 euro)
  • Playing Ud - 50 euro an hour - 90 min - private class // In 10 classes  you are able to play  
  • I'm a teacher at Lindenberg Art Centre - teaching every Thursday at the AZC for the project Orchestre Partout

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